Year Zero Soccer is an organization dedicated to the advancement of soccer as an open and accessible sport in the United States.



The Spice of Futsal

Takeaways – Practicing the basics without inspiration can make the game stale. – Small-sided games like futsal are vital to


Photo Credit: Angel Rivillo Soccer Academy Today I was asked a very simple question… How do you start a consistent Futsal meetup/free play/pick

Year Zero Roundtable: US Soccer with Omar Saleem, Robert Wilson and Jon Townsend

What happens when you put a microphone in front of a Premier League coach, a venture capitalist, an American soccer writer and let loose the

Year Zero Roundtable: Coaching in Europe with Mike Keeney

An interview with STK Šamorin, near Bratislava Slovakia, head coach Mike Keeney, interviewed by Jon Townsend and Jim Hart of Year Zero Soccer.

Programs & Initiatives

# Just One Day

On Friday July 17th 2015 we hope to honor one of the greatest days in American soccer history.

Cage Goals

Learn how to create accessible low cost solutions for kids and players to get additional touches for the game in your community.

Zero to 10000 – Pilot Projects

Pilot start-up within three different metro areas.

Continual Education
(Open Source Blueprint)

Education doesn't stop, ever! This is true for players, coaches and owners and leaders of clubs.